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In addition to learning platforms such as Edgenuity, students are enrolled in specialized elective courses:
Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care provides advice and information about the conditions students can expect to face as they journey through pregnancy.  It includes what to expect in terms of prenatal testing to ensure the health of the baby and the importance of nutrition, vitamins, hydration, and rest. Prenatal care will also provide students with an overview of labor and birth with in-depth information about coping skills, physiology of labor and birth, emotional aspects with the end goal of delivering a happy and healthy baby. 
Child Development and Applied Parenting I 
Students learn about children from birth to age one as they work to support their child in physical, emotional and cognitive development.  Topics include decision-making, nutrition, safety, and nurturing.  
Child Development and Applied Parenting and Child Development II
Students learn about the physical, emotional and cognitive development of children ages one through three. The toddler will be the primary focus of the course with emphasis on problem-solving, literacy development and positive parenting.  
Career Investigations and Social Aspects of Society I & 2
This course provides information and hands-on investigation regarding career ready skills, information regarding the 16 career pathways, the development of an e-portfolio and healthy lifestyle stress management. Students develop and complete an investigation of careers and read a life story of a real teen parent who completes high school, attends a university (as a single parent) and later becomes a successful teacher and author. Central to coursework is participation in regular speaker workshops through podcasts in the areas of personal finance, healthy relationships, current health issues that affect the family, and stress management.  At the end of the course, students will have completed an Individual Learning Plan/e-portfolio, complete with Letters of Recommendation and a resume that can be used for employment applications and post-secondary educational opportunities.
Literacy Investigations 
This course is designed to prepare students for post-secondary and college bound endeavors and career readiness.  Students will work collaboratively around topics such as:  insight, independence, relationships, initiative, creativity, humor, social media and family relationships through the use of inquiry, literature, writing and technology. In this course, students will read literary selections guided by the aforementioned topics to communicate both orally defending points of view with substantive evidence as well as in writing through persuasive, informative, descriptive and narrative genres.