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Shared Journeys: Building the Next Generation

Shared Journeys provides students with education centered on both parenting and academics. The program strives to make sure students are prepared to positively parent their own children, graduate, and work toward post secondary training in a chosen career. Alumni Danielych Heben and Kaylee Breska are now serving the Shared Journeys family as certified childcare providers.
Danielych Heben is in her junior year at Alverno College where she is pursuing a degree in elementary education.  In addition, she is a certified childcare provider.  She is the mother of two beautiful children and engaged to their father. 
Danielych became acquainted with Shared Journeys and Mrs. Colla during her freshman year in high school.
"I can't thank Mrs. Colla and Shared Journeys enough for everything they've done for me. I really don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for Mrs. Colla. She gave me the support that I needed and instilled hope in me. I am resilient now. I could've chosen to drop out of high school and work somewhere where I'd be miserable for the rest of my life, but followed her guidance and here I am today. Now I am happy to say that I am three semesters away from graduating with my K-9 degree in education and I love my life."
At Shared Journeys Dani’s role is academic tutor and childcare provider.  Dani states she values working with the students, staff and with Mrs. Colla who she values as her mentor in education and second mom.  
"Shared Journeys made such a powerful impact in my life, I am so glad to be able to work here, being a former student. It is so easy going to work everyday when you love what you do. We are a family at Shared Journeys. I love our team."
Kaylee Breska is a certified childcare provider and mother of two girls.  She has continued her education having a variety of childcare certifications. She came to Shared Journeys as a Junior. 
"Shared Journeys has helped me in numerous ways. It's helped me strengthen myself in every way possible. As a student when I walked through the doors I immediately felt comfortable, and accepted. I learned parenting and life skills that I actually needed to know in order to be the best mom I could be. Everyday was fun and it still is! Mrs. Colla really helped me turn my life around so that I could be a great mom and create a better future for my girls and myself. I wake up every morning excited to go to work. I love being able to give back by working for the place that was once my school. It's an honor to be able to take care of the babies while their moms are upstairs getting their education worry free because they know we are cuddling them and keeping them safe. At Shared Journeys we're a family: we've been a family since day one."